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Jordan Vladev Jordan Vladev is a composer, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist. He plays the piano, synthesizers, electric and acoustic guitars, bass guitar, tamboura, baglama, charango, ukulele, drums, tupan and a variety of other percussion instruments, various types of exotic flutes from around the world - quena, tin whistle, duduk, dvoyanka, recorder, bagpipe, harmonica, didgeridoo, etc.

He graduated from the National Academy of Arts in Sofia with a major in "sculpture", then studied "composition" and "musical aesthetics" at the National Academy of Music in Sofia. He has participated in many master classes in composition and improvisation. He is currently pursuing his third higher education in psychology at NBU.

He is the author of songs, film, ballet and theater music, choral, chamber and orchestral works, many songs for children, arrangements of folk music from around the world, etc. As a versatile musician, he works with a variety of ensembles – pop and rock bands, jazz and world formations, choirs, children's ensembles, as well as with a number of Bulgarian and foreign artists, in whose projects he participates as a producer, performer, composer, arranger or sound engineer. He has given concerts in Bulgaria, Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Greece, Serbia, Romania,  Macedonia, Turkey and South Korea. In

2010, he founded the "Art Libitum Music Center" - a private music school, developing and practicing innovative methods of music education for both professionals, children and amateurs. The school develops active pedagogical and concert activities, organizes workshops, seminars, lectures and master classes. Its graduates are winners of dozens of medals from national and international competitions, and some continue their studies at prestigious colleges and universities in Europe and America. An essential part of the school's activity is working with people with various physical or mental disabilities. In addition to leading the center, Jordan Vladev teaches several academic subjects and leads an improvisation class.

Jordan Vladev is the initiator and organizer of a number of cultural projects, including the "Horizons-Boundaries" Arts Festival, "Youth Jazz Fest Sofia", as well as many concerts and charity initiatives.

In 2001, Jordan Vladev founded his own recording studio in Sofia. He has released 15 self-titled albums, as well as participation in several hundred other projects by other artists. His children's songs are included in music textbooks for schools and are studied by children all over Bulgaria.

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