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Youth Jazz Fest Sofia is a forum for young jazz musicians. It is a place for performance and meeting of young artists - performers, composers, arrangers who work in the field of jazz and improvisation. The festival aims to provide a stage on which young musicians can present their projects, enrich their knowledge, skills and creative horizons, as well as create conditions for creating new creative contacts and partnerships.
So far, the festival has been attended by several hundred young talents - singers, instrumentalists, composers, ensembles - students from music schools and academies in Sofia and the country, graduates of music schools from all over Bulgaria and guests from abroad. The festival will host a competition for performers and songwriters, flash mobs, jam sessions, as well as creative workshops with prominent jazz musicians. The festival will end with a final gala concert, at which the awarded participants in the competition will be announced.
Youth Jazz Fest Sofia for the fifth year finds its place in the cultural life of Bulgaria, filling a very important niche, which is evident from the large number of participants. We are witnessing how many young people turned to jazz and improvisation, inspired by the experience of previous editions of the festival. We believe that the ability to express oneself, to be spontaneous and creative, the freedom and empathy that are so fundamental to jazz, are invaluable qualities not only for an artist, but for every person. And they are brought up at a young age, when a person forms his creative and human identity.
Youth Jazz Fest Sofia will be held from 30 May to 01 June 2024.

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