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Youth Jazz Fest Sofia is a forum dedicated to the performance and meeting of young artists - performers, composers, arrangers, improvisers who create in the field of jazz and improvisation. The festival aims to provide a stage where young authors and performers can present their own projects, enrich their knowledge, skills and creative horizons, and facilitate creating new creative contacts and partnerships. The festival is not of a competitive nature.


The fest will take place on the 31st May, 1st and 2nd June 2019 in Sofia. A more detailed schedule will be posted soon.


Both young Bulgarian and international musicians can participate in the festival - solo performers and ensembles, vocalists and instrumentalists with their projects. The formats you can present can be varied - solo performer with or without accompanying band, duo, trio, quartet, quintet, vocal group, big band, etc. Each individual (band or soloist) can participate with one project, but if desired, the musicians can participate in projects of other colleagues. The projects will be selected by a professional jury and the accepted participants will be notified in person.


We are open to any projects that are related with jazz and improvisation in any way. Whether you are performing classic jazz standards or combining many other styles in your project, we are interested in seeing view, perspective and personal style as performers and improvisers. We will be especially pleased if you choose to play your own music. If you are a solo artist and you need a companion group, we can help you find musicians to play with you at your performance.


In the festival the following events will take place:


The festival will begin with a concert in which each of the approved bands and solo artists will be able to present their project to the public and the jury. Each of the approved projects will have a stage time of up to 15 minutes. During this concert certain bands and performers will be selected take part in the other events of the festival, the flash mobs and the final gala concert.


After the opening concert there will be a meeting with the members of the jury, where the presented projects will be discussed. Participants can get a professional assessment of their qualities and achievements, as well as advice and recommendations that they can take into account for their future development.


After the end of the concert and the discussion of the presented projects, a jam session will be held, which is open to all participants in the festival.


During the festival there will be workshops led by prominent jazz musicians, which will include both a theoretical and a practical part. Any participant who has signed up on the website and  has been approved  by the supervisor can take part in them. Each participant will be expected to have prepared the plays, which will be announced in advance on the festival's website, and to be able to get involved adequately in the creative process. The pieces prepared during the workshops will be performed at the closing gala concert. Depending on the interests and the participants’ level, specific material will be selected. Example styles: swing, funk, latin, samba and bossa nova, blues, jeeps, fusion, modal jazz, free jazz, acid jazz and chill out. It is possible to include plays of irregular meters, jazz arrangements of classical or pop songs, plays with elements from R'n'B, hip-hop, gospel, reggae, clypso, afro, Bulgarian and world folklore etc.


Within the festival, flash mobs will take place in lively places in the capital. It will include groups and performers whose projects are selected by the jury after their performance at the first concert


The festival will end with a closing gala concert featuring the best performances of the previous events as well as the pieces developed during the workshops. The concert will feature representatives of the national media, production houses, organisers of other festivals in the country and abroad.


The festival is not organized as a competition, but in order to encourage the creativity in suitable candidates, the jury can choose one or more pieces by young artists at the festival that will be given the opportunity of a professional recording at the music center Art Libitum.


We appeal to all participants who write music, lyrics, or arranging to send us their own plays, themes, and poems. They will be posted on the festival's website and so the other participants in the festival will be able to see, hear or read them. Our desire is to encourage you to create, share and further develop your ideas in partnership with other young authors. The most successful works can be presented to the public and recorded in a studio. We would be glad if at the end of the festival we have works created by you in co-authorship with each other.


Since the purpose of the festival is to allow young artists to perform, it is desirable that the age of each project holder does not exceed 29 years. (there are no age restrictions for companions or members of an accompanying group). The festival is aimed at students from music schools, students from the Music Academies, as well as students from music centers. Of course, anyone who thinks he can present himself at a good enough level and approved by our jury can participate.
As a keepsake


All participants will receive a video recording of their performance as well as a participation certificate.


Application forms are accepted until May 1, 2019. To apply you need to send us a recording of your performance and a creative CV, including date of birth, education, professional experience and creative success, as well as a description of your project, including the participating musicians. The recording can also be on an amateur level, filmed with a camera, phone, or other portable device, but it needs to provide clear information about your skills and the nature of your project. We advise you to contact us on the phone below for more detailed information. You can download the application form from the festival's website

Participants from other cities bear the cost of their stay in Sofia. If necessary, we can assist with accommodation.


During the festival, documentary audio and video recordings will be made at all events - concerts, meetings, workshops, flash mobs and more. The organizers reserve the right to use these recordings as well as the photo material from the festival for the purpose of its promotion - media broadcasting, web uploading, etc. By submitting the application form, you agree to this and give them the above rights free of charge.


The festival will be broadcasted online and can be viewed from any place with internet access.


The official website of the festival is

Send your inquiries to:

For questions, please contact us at +359 898 662627

Organizer of Youth Jazz Fest Sofia is ART LIBITUM Music center.

The co-ordinator of the festival is Jordan Vladev.

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